Hi, My name is Dave. Welcome to the Watch Man site.
I started learning the world of horology in 1964, although it has been a long time. The changing world of the watch still gives me joy. For over 100 years watches have been changing with technology and consumer fads,  just a few of the myriad of variations.

The Pocket Watch, The Trench Watch, The Automatic, The Divers, The Alarm Watch, The Chronograph and Chronometer, The Solar Watch, The Radio Watch, The Quartz Watch.

All of the above have micro engineered pieces that do one thing.
Tell the time!

They are all individual in styles, shapes and values.
Enough about that.

I also carry out individual repairs so if you have a timepiece that needs attention please contact me.
Don’t forget to pack all items well and enclose your name and contact details.
Once items are received by me you will get a firm costing of work required before commencement of job.
All work of-course is guaranteed.

Last but not least if you require a specific item or would like to part exchange one of your watches then as already said please contact me as i’m always interested in purchasing quality watches.

Although all of my watches have been professionally serviced, I cannot guarantee their absolute waterproofing.
With any mechanical watch of age, time keeping compared to quartz watches could have discrepancies.